Daniel Mangena Wants to Remove the Woo-Woo around the Law of Attraction and Bring it to the Mainstream

Melanie Fine
6 min readMay 24, 2020

There are those who practice the law of attraction religiously and wonder why they still haven’t manifested their vision boards into reality. And there are those who are incredibly goal-oriented and hard-working, and yet similarly have yet to see the fruits of their labors.

According to Daniel Mangena, professional dreamer, manifester and coach, “Both sides of the argument are losing the power of accessing the other.” There are people so engrossed in “woo-woo” that they’re not tapping into the groundedness of applying strategy and taking action. And there are those who take massive action without addressing what’s going on at the subconscious level.

“I want people to be more intentional and through the combination of these two worlds, really start creating more purpose-driven lives, more abundant lives and more happy lives,” Daniel continues.

In order to do so, you have to harness your energy, thought and action. Daniel refers to these as the triumvirate. All three must work together.

And, it starts with intention. Daniel defines an intention as a thought that disrupts your subconscious patterns. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, we run on subconscious processes for as much as 95% of our day. We are always creating, but most of the time, we’re creating from our subconscious minds. When we set an intention, we disrupt the unfolding of those subconscious processes and introduce the possibility of an outcome that has been consciously selected. An intention, then, is a conscious desire.

1. Set Your Intention.

Determine physically and tangibly what you want to manifest, the more specific the better. Your intention should be so visibly clear that another person would be able to tell beyond the shadow of a doubt that you achieved your goal.

2. Feel Your Intention

Feel the emotions of having achieved the intention you set for yourself. Your subconscious mind understands emotions, not things. What emotions will you feel when you have achieved your intention?

3. Move Toward Your Intention

Now it’s time to get practical. All the intentions in the world are useless if we don’t do the work of creating alignment with the intention.

Moving toward your intention means aligning your intention with the feelings, beliefs and actions that are necessary to turn it into a reality.

(a) Start by identifying the new belief(s) you need to have in order to achieve your intention.

(b) Attach emotions to the belief(s).

Once you identify the beliefs, you need to attach emotions to them.

Each of us who’s experienced going gaga for someone or something knows how powerful our emotions are. They override our beliefs, direct our actions, and literally run the show.

Therefore, you need to access the emotional state that supports the new belief in order to lock it in. Your beliefs come from inputs into the brain that were accepted as true. In order to change your beliefs, you need to change your inputs.

The primary way to change the inputs is to mentally rehearse achieving your outcome. Daniel Mangena attributes his practice of mental rehearsal to Tony Robbins.

“If you are absolutely certain that you will get the result you want, and that result would be life-changing, you will take massive action,” so says Robbins’s blog. “On the other hand, if you are absolutely sure that no matter what you do, it just won’t work, you’re not going to spend any time making any real moves.”

Tony says that for most of us, we’re somewhere in-between. We’re not 100% certain of our outcome, and therefore, we don’t give it 100%.

This is where mental rehearsal comes in. By mentally rehearsing achieving the outcome with certainty, “not just on a high level, but in a very detailed, precise way,” you believe it will happen because you see it happen in our mind’s eye.

The mind doesn’t know the difference between something real and something imagined. It’s all just electrical impulses.

By consistently rehearsing achieving your outcome while harboring an emotional state to match and taking actions that support the new belief, you anchor it in.

c. Take action.

Finally, take action toward achieving your intention. Every morning ask yourself, what small thing can you do today that moves the needle even the slightest bit closer to what you want. Then do it.

Taking action is essential. If you consistently rehearse in your mind that you’re the strongest person in the world, but you never lift a single dumbbell, then you’re not doing anything to anchor that new belief in physical reality.

I asked Daniel to take me through an example of how to put this to work.

We came up with this. Let’s say I make $40K, and I want to make $50K.

If I just close my eyes and meditate on it, that’s not going to move the needle. I might feel really good inside, but it’s not going to move the needle. If inside I don’t believe I’m worth more than forty thousand, then even if an opportunity showed up in my world to get from 40K to 50K, I’ll make excuses, procrastinate, and self-sabotage. More often than not, I wouldn’t even see the opportunity.

Whereas if I have the belief that I’m worth $50K, I have moved one step closer to manifestation. If I believe it’s possible, that I deserve it, I’m very clear on it, and feel what it feels like to have it, but I do nothing but sit at home all day, however, I still won’t manifest it. You have to follow through with action that supports it.

Daniel explains that many followers of The Secret miss these necessary steps. They write themselves a fake job offer, post it on the wall, look at it every day, and then wonder why they get laid off.

“You haven’t done anything else,” Daniel explains. “You haven’t done anything to change your belief systems. You haven’t done anything to mentally rehearse it. You haven’t done anything to change your thought quality. You haven’t done anything to change your emotional state of belief and worthiness around this or even being the kind of person that people are going to want in their workplace. And you haven’t taken any action.”

Let’s return to my intention to make $50K.

1. Set My Intention.

I intend to make $50K.

2. Feel My Intention.

Remember, our unconscious mind understands emotions, not things.

I feel the emotions of having $50K. I feel what it’s like to have an extra $10K to buy my daughter that new dollhouse, or to take a family vacation. I feel what it’s like to joyfully pay all my bills and still have money left over.

3. Move Toward My Intention.

In order to move toward my intention, I need to align my intention with the feelings, beliefs and actions that are necessary to turn it into a reality.

(a) Start by identifying the new belief(s) I need to have in order to achieve my intention.

I need to believe that it’s possible for me to make $50K, and that I’m worth it.

(b) Attach emotions to the belief(s).

To attach emotions to the beliefs, every day I mentally rehearse to the smallest detail walking into my boss’s office and listening to her tell me she’s giving me a $10K raise. In addition to my emotions, I involve all my senses. I not only see it, but I hear the ambient sounds of her office, I feel my feet walking into her office, I feel my body sitting down in her office chair, I smell what her office smells like, and I taste it.

(c) Take action.

I keep my eyes open for opportunities that support what I want and take steps toward it every day. Every morning I ask myself, what small thing can I do today that will move the needle even the slightest bit closer to what I want?

This is the real “Secret.”

One, get razor clear on the outcome. Two, know and practice the emotional state of the outcome, so you know that the opportunities coming in are going to be matched to it. Three, spend time opening up to believing that you’re worthy and able to experience this by mentally rehearsing it. Fourth, decide to do something today that will move the needle closer to achieving it.

And then guess what? When the opportunity shows itself, your brain has already rehearsed how it’s going to respond. You will have no resistance, no procrastination, and no self-sabotage. As a result, your intention will manifest itself.

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